Can you help me interpret this? Girl advice?

Hi there,

New to the dating scene and seeking help if you can assist. I'm currently coaching a team of female athletes around my own age 20. The other week one of the girls kind of hung around a little after training and the usual one to one feedback that I give all my athletes.

Anyways I was packing up to leave and coach the second of the 2 teams when she asked if I wanted to grab dinner (on this occasion I could not as I had a second team to coach) so I said next week I should be free and would like to grab something if she does.

What I'm wondering is this a thing that people do often in terms of asking coaches for food. We get along well and I was wondering if this meant that maybe she wants to hang out a bit more in a 1 on 1 setting. I was unsure if this is the case and how to handle it.

Would this indicate some form of attraction or am I reading to much into this? If not do you think my response was appropriate?

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated :)


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  • You're reading too much into it


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