How sneaky will girls be when they're checking you out?

Like let's say a girl is sitting near you and you can see out of the periphery of your vision her turning her head to look at you while flipping her hair, if this happens several times over, she's checking you out right?

For girls, how sneaky will you be when checking out a guy you're into? Will you ever be upfront about it? Or is it just a few glances here and there?


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  • Depends on a few things.
    Whether she knows your relationship status-if she knows your dating she'll try to make it more discreet
    Whether or not you know she likes you.. do you get on well with her or tease her or have jokes. If you do and she's doing this she may like you
    How confident she is, if she is a shy girl she'll make it more discreet and maybe seem like she is just looking round the room
    Does she blush when you catch her or quickly look away-if so it probably means she was checking you out

    • What if the guy was really hot, would you assume he had a girlfriend or was seeing someone?

      And if you saw a cute guy checking you out and he quickly looked away and was blushing, how would you feel? And what would you think of him?

    • Firstly, I would ask other friends if he had a girlfriend if I liked him or see if he spoke about one. If he was really good looking I would;t be surprised if he had a girlfriend and if he did I would keep my distance.
      If he was checking me out I would be flattered and also a bit embarrassed. If I knew him well I would try to keep on the same way but might be hard and if I didn't know him I would try saying hi every now and then and then try and build it up into a proper conversation

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  • Very sneaky or very obvious. I have terrible peripheral vision, but sometimes, I find that girls will look directly at me.. face and body included. I'm usually see very blurry from the corner of my eye, but I can see that more confident girls will stare directly at you, sometimes even when you look back at them. Now other girls.. not so obvious. With my blurred vision, I once had a girl get angry at me because I had no idea that she was looking at me. When a less confident girl checks you out, she will be far more subtle and you likely won't notice anything. You may find that her eye (left or right) is visible, only to see that she's checking you out when you look at her since she's probably going to turn away once you do.


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  • I'm quiet, but I'm not shy. I am super covert about it. Like looking out of the corner of my eye, reaching for something and "accidentally" catching his eye, looking around a room and "past" him (while really just trying to catch a look at him).

    If he's looking at me any if the times I looked at him, OMG my brain gets so distracted. And I keep wanting to look back again.

    • There's a girl I've noticed who kind of looks in my general direction but then pretend to scan the room while she plays with her hair, any thoughts? It happens a few times a class. What should I do?

      And if a guy catches you checking him out and you quickly look away, what's goes through your mind?

      And to flip the switch, if you catch a really cute guy checking you out and you guys lock eyes and he looks away and blushes - what goes through your head?

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    • If she wasn't into you, she'd most likely avoid sharing too much. Her responses to things you say might be flat rather than slightly more enthusiastic. She'll probably look like she wants to leave (facial expressions). And she won't really ask you questions.

      If a cute guy chatted me up, hmmmm, if he started the convo and it was going well at first and started to die, I'd probably start asking him questions to keep it going. It's hard for a conversation to die when you're talking about things that actually matter/asking each other questions. I don't think I'd feel that bad, if I was confident he was actually interested in listening to me whilst we were talking. I'd hope there'd be another chance to talk to him again.

      If a guy was talking to me on the way out of class... it would depend on what my mind was on. I personally love any interaction can have with people, but others might be thinking really hard about doing their next task. You just have to follow physical/verbal cues.

    • If he was keeping a convo going, and I enjoyed it but needed to leave, it would make it so much easier if the guy said, "I'm enjoying talking, but if you need to leave, don't let me keep you!" If u wasn't busy/distracted of course I'd say "Oh, no, you're fine!"

  • Depends on the girl, some blatantly show it, others do it covertly

    • If the guy is really hot, how sneaky will they be?
      Let's say it's a college class room setting or something similar to that (?

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    • Personally I'd be shy

    • so define shy? What will they do?

      Let's say you see a girl sneaking glances out of your peripheral vision while she's just scanning the room, would that be a shy girl checking you out?

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