How long should I give up on this guy who tells me that he likes me then friend zone me?

How long is too long before moving on with other guys? How do you feel about friendzone? How to know he's wasting my time? There's a guy I really like and he likes me too. It has been 3 months since we admitted each other. We know each other for 7 months. He never asked me out on a date or kiss me. If I tried to kiss him, he turned to his cheek so I stopped. We never had sex but we both are not virgin tho. We see each other all the time. He flirts sometimes. Please help. I am confused.


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    You've been seeing him for 3 months yet you're still confused whether he likes you, that's because he doesn't. Not properly. He may like you as a person but he's just passing time with you. When a boy truly likes you, you won't have to question it. A boy who truly likes you will make every effort he can with you. He'll fear loosing you. He won't show you attention one day and not the next.

    I'm sorry, but if I'd of listened to people telling me this, I'd of saved myself a heartbreak. Walk away.


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