The girl I used to date one year ago messaged me back?

Hi girls and guys! I need your opnions. Firstly, I'm bisexual. Last year I met a girl. She was really nice and the more we spoke we got closer to each other day by day. We had an emotional attraction and we both really used to like each other. She was a lesbian and I was unsure about my sexuality and one day I decided to stop talking to her. I blocked her on FB and did everything to stop her contacting me but afterwards I felt so regret... I tried everything to find her and be friends with her again but she was gone.

Anyway... Last night she sent me a message from a new account and told me that she wants to he friends again. I checked her page and saw she has a new girlfriend etc but do you think she still loves me? While we were chatting last night she also said she wants to come to my city to see me -as we were planning last year-

I am very happy because she came back to me. I'm happy to be even only friends with her but do you think she still loves me? Please help!


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  • I'm not sure on love but it's obvious she still interested in you! Hopefully you can meet up and figure out what she wants

  • She has a new girlfriend though? I'd leave it if I was you.

    • Well... I'm not trying to break them up. If she loves me she will come back to me. It's up to her. I only asked does it sound like she still loves me that was all

    • That's still breaking them up. You don't have to actively try and break them up to break them up, just being there and wanting her to leave her girlfriend isn't cool. Would you like that done to you? I know it's hard when we still have feelings for ex's but we have to learn from our mistakes. You could just try being her friend.

    • I said I'm happy even to be friends lol I think ur not reading well. I only wondered if you guys think she is still interested or not. No need inferring anything else from that. Why did she write to me again after all when she has gf?

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