How do I stop feeling I am the odd one out because I am single?

How do I stop feeling I am the odd one out because I am single?
Yes, these days I am feeling I am the odd one out. I moved months ago to a new country, and it seems the dating scene is very busy here, and people get married at a young age, compared to my country.

I wish I can meet a guy, but technically it's difficult. At work, for instance, there are nice guys, but I always find out that they are married or in a relationship. Also, I noticed I don't really get guys' attention mostly. I am attractive enough I believe, but this is the truth. Another thing is that most guys whose age fits me are already dads.

On top of all this, I am attending engagement and wedding parties of friends and colleagues.

I really started feeling the odd one out. 😑

Has anyone had a similar experience?


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  • You are being a little unreasonable. I mean, your friends and acquaintances are getting married. So what? Does that absolutely guarantee that they will be happy? Of course not. If you get into a serious relationship will THAT alone guarantee your happiness? Of course not as well. You should keep moving at your own pace, instead of constantly comparing yourself to other people. You are unique.

    • Your answer is very logical. Thank you☺

    • You are welcome. Good luck with everything. : )

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  • im single too, there you are not odd one out problem solved!


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