Does he like me?

He buys my drinks. Remembers everything that I say and sometimes bring it too my attention when in conversation. He checks on me every now and then just to check on me by via texting. We can talk until the sun comes up and neither one of us is in a rush to leave. I caught him staring at me from a distance a few times. He ask about my past relationship and ask me if I was going back to my ex Etc there is more but I wanted to get guys opinion to see if I'm thinking too deep or this guy has feelings for me. He says he doesn't but his actions says other wise help ! Lol honest feed back please.


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  • it's very possible he does. if he's saying he doesn't though it might be best to go with that unless you have some reason to believe he's being shy about it.

    • Yes he does come off as shy and admitted it one time that he is but he knows I like him idk? But his actions show it but he told me he doesn't like me when I ask him about it

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    • Lol ok thank you I hope so too ! I'll update what happens

    • ok cool, thanks lol.. it's nice to hear back form people.

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  • He has already told you that he's not interested. Stop making things complicated in your head


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