Is it unacceptable for a girl who is in a relationship to be texting another guy late at night and early in the morning?

Let's say the guy thought you were single, what would he think?

What would other people be thinking and what would their assumptions be like? Would they be thinking she was looking to hook up or something like that, being he didn't know she was spoken for or what?


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  • It doesn't matter if he thinks you're single. As a girl who is in a relationship she should make it known she's with someone. If she continued to talk to the guy then it's something the boyfriend can question as to her commitment to him.

    • Let's say a girl never mentioned to the guy she had a boyfriend, what would the guy be thinking after the fact if he found out she was taken?

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    • It doesn't matter. It could be all of those

    • But he'll deff be cocky about the way he looks? Is there any chance he could be understanding or is it not likely? Like if they saw one another what should happen?

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  • Depends what you're talking about. If it's just in a friendly way, it's ok, but you should bring up the fact that you have a boyfriend

    • What would the guy be thinking if he found out you had a boyfriend on his own? Would he be thinking she was crushing on him and wanted his attention or something like that?

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    • Could be I don't know. But if I were you I'd tell him you have a boyfriend before he finds out by himself (if he hasn't already)

    • What would be some signs that a guy figured out a girl was spoken for?

      And to the earlier question, well, what do you think would be most likely? And if a girl cut off contact, how would the guy feel afterwards?

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  • I think it is very unacceptable. I would hate to be her boyfriend

    • Would the guy think she was attracted to him if he found out she had a boyfriend but was keeping quiet about him?

    • I dealt with this and did not thought she was attracted to me. I just thought she was being manipulative

    • Manipulative for what purpose?

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  • If its a one or two time thing then no but if it happens often then it absolutely is.

    • What if she texts him a lot?

    • Then yes that's fucked up. You should only text each other during the day and you should let both your boyfriend know and you should remind the guy you have a boyfriend every once in awhile. If your boyfriend was texting a girl at night that wouldn't bother you?

    • What if she texts him during the day, but never says she had a boyfriend to the guy? And even tried setting up dates too?

      If the guy found out on his own, would he think that she was interested in him?