How to get a girl who's heart broken number?

How to get her number or get her to call you.


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  • Do you know her?

    • Yes and no. She's a pharmacy intern who I been talking to last year. She came back about a week and a half. Just a few days ago I started back talking to her and reading her body language. Asking her questions that I seen bothering her (hard to explain what I mean). I tell her she don't have to answer if she's uncomfortable I continue to make her laugh and smile. Then she tells me I'm trying to open up to you. Then I listened and then make sure she felt comfortable around me. Told me I was funny. 30 mins later she asked me, "why I'm not talking to her any more?" Lol we got busy in the pharmacy for 15 mins hence why we didn't talk for a few mins. Her ex did her so wrong and this was 2 years ago

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    • Yes I did. Thanks

    • Good to hear๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š
      You're welcome!

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  • Ask her for it


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