Do guys actually like it when girls put them in their place?

So I've hung out with this guy maybe twice, we did end up hooking up.. we spoke the next day no big deal just regular conversation than he never wound up answering my last message so I just didn't message him I was tired of being the one initiating conversation.. if he wants me he can show effort, now he messaged me after a couple of days asking to hang out and I don't know if I should take the "why would I want to hang out with you if you clearly don't respect me enough to text me back" route or just hang out with him and see how it goes kinda thing cause maybe I was just overthinking it and over reacting.. cause it's not like we are exclusive or serious we've just hung out and gotten to know eachother.. Please help!


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  • no, it is annoying.


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  • Some of them do. Many of them hate it though.

    • So what do I. Do just hang out with him see how it goes or should I say something to him?

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  • You could joke about it or tell him in a different way. Otherwise sounds sounds aggressive and that's definitely a no.

  • No. We do not.


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