Does this guy like me?

He messaged me first on Facebook and got to know me and said he wanted to hang out with me. After several of his advances I agreed to hang out. We've hung out once and he took me out to dinner another time. The first time he had a few drinks and seemed a little shy, but hardly, and he drove me home and we made out and he was really affectionate and we both said we wait to have sex with people. The second time we were sober and he was really shy, but he did open up a lot about his life and family. At the end of the night he kissed me a few times after I initiated, and he seemed happy about it. I usually have to initiate messages, but if I don't message him, he will usually come to me. He never says much during messaging though. It's usually "how are you/have any plans" type talk. He has told me I was beautiful a handful of times in Snapchat. I am confused because I've only dealt with guys that were honest and forward about how they felt, or I could easily read their intentions. He's mysterious to me.
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    • reason is guys don't open up to everybody about their family so easily. He has agreed for getting physical as well according to your convenience, that shows he respects u as a person. The shyness may be due to his nature or past experiences. Ask him about his previous relationships, may b that may break the ice.

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    • I am fine. And I'm not lovestruck. I don't feel the way I did about him and I'm taking it a lot slower. Just trying for friendship first. Thanks.

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  • so I think that he is into you but he may just have a hard time finding things to talk about. And I think you could just ask him what he's thinking.


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  • no this guy dont love u he is having lust for u


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