What's the proper way to handle being physically ignored by your girlfriend?

I've been dating this girl for 3 years now and I love her with all my heart. I'd do anything (well within the law) for her if she ever asked me to. We've been through thick and thin and thin and thinner and we've always managed to come out on top together.

But, there's one thing about her that bothers the living hell out of me.

She has (what I perceive to be) a very bad habit of ignoring me sometimes when I ask her questions. For example, if she were to be on her phone for an extended period of time (which she normally is) chatting with someone or just scrolling through a timeline on Facebook or something, and I asked her "Hey babe, what'cha doing?" loud and as clear as day, she would ignore my question and go on as if no one said anything.

She's not hard of hearing and I am close enough to her to where my voice isn't too distant. Also, we can rile out that maybe she's just distracted easily, only because I'll follow up my question by asking her again to get the response of "I heard you the first time."

This makes me upset and I've told her about this many times but, it doesn't seem like she cares too much.

So again, I ask, what is the proper way to handle being physically ignored?


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  • did you tell her how she makes you feel when she ignores you like that?

    • Yes I have, many times.

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    • She didn't have much to say, from my perspective. But, to be fair, it has been quite some time since this has happened. Even though it comes up from time to time now.

    • I don't think there's a proper way to handle this besides from trying to work it out together. but from what I understand, she doesn't want to; it's something which has happened a while ago and even if she didn't had a response back when you told her, she could have one later if she cared about you, if she didn't want you to feel bad.

      I think you should considering breaking up with her. this is just unhealthy for you tbh...

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  • You've told her how it makes you feel. If she does not change her behavior then you are left with only one option. You dump her.

    However, I can tell from how you write about her that you have her up on some kind of pedestal, and are unlikely to dump her. The bottom line is this. She would not dare do this to a guy that had the backbone to dump her ass, and that she respected.

    There was once a voluptuous hot blond that was rude to me. I called her out on it, and clearly informed her that it would not be occurring again. A short time later, she was rude to me again. I dumped her. THE END.

    She realized what she was missing and I received the usual emails apologizing, crying and a few years later, she tried to contact me through different means (not sure how she did that).

    I do not tolerate rudeness... and goodbye is goodbye.

    You, young man need to reestablish where your balls are and get some backbone. NO ONE has the right to disrespect you and still have the pleasure of your company regardless of gender.


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  • That's pretty damn rude if you ask me. I'd tell her that you value your relationship with her and that lately she's been making you feel like the relationship is in jeopardy

  • "She has (what I perceive to be) a very bad habit of ignoring me sometimes when I ask her questions."
    Does she have a habit of ignoring you, or no? If she ignores you, dump her. If after three years together she does this, it is a bad sign.

    Best thing to do would be to dump her, ensure any items of hers are outside your home in trash bags, retrieve any keys of yours she has, change all of your locks (in case she had copies made), and go radio silent.

    Be prepared for the backlash from her, her family, her friends, etc. Times such as these are when you discover who your friends are, and which are really her friends.


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