Why is it that when ever I met a good girl her parents blame me for all of her choices?

when ever i met a good girl i like her parents blame me for all of her choices I don't know why. i have always been respected too my girlfriend parents even through they are not always respected to me. my girlfriend is the perfect daughter and nothing she does is good enough. i hope her get back in school not good enough.. the list goe on but won't go into detail. am also in school myself for nursing& i have a car just haven't taken my road test yet but will be next month on the 20th.


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  • parents are usualy think that their kid is the best and all their choices are coming from their friends

    • is their anything she can do to show them she has her own mind?

    • In my experiance no, kids choices are everyone else foult exept their child. But I think that comunication with parents always work.

    • that sad thank u

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