So my LDR boyfriend has been avoiding the subject of telling our parents about us and it's really starting to make me feel sad. What do I do?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months now and he plans to see me in 2 weeks. I told him we should tell our parents about us and he said "no not yet" he's been saying that for 2 months now :( he then left (on messenger) when I told him how I believed in him and how my parents would love him :( he's 19 and I'm 18 we're almost on winter break. I don't get it I've live video chatted him countless times and he's called me on the phone too, so he's real. He's been also saying "My parents would love you so much :)" but when it comes to me asking for us to tell our parents he just avoids it by logging off messanger. He didn't see the messages of me telling him that I believe in him and that my parents would absolutely love him and how I gently expressed that I feel very sad that he left. I don't get it he keeps telling me everyday "I want to be with you forever" "I want to marry you" "I love you so much" "you're so beautiful" "I wish we could cuddle right now" and my response is that I feel the same way. What do I do about this? I don't know why he's so scared. :( or why he thinks it's better to avoid and leave me for the afternoon. We met in Florida when I was on summer vacation and we decided to exchange messenger numbers since he had an iPod. Please please help what do I do? Thanks


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  • If you met in person on summer vacation, why would there even be a question whether or not he is real?

    • That's not my question, my question was why is he so afraid for both our parents to find out about us

    • Maybe he'd be embarrassed to tell them about your current situation. Maybe when he comes back he'll be more comfortable to tell them.

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  • You're both very young.. First meet up again and see how it goes

    • Meet up without my parents knowing? I mean sure but then my boyfriend says "so where would we go? (Such as a park or movie theater) and I can't do that without my parents knowing because I'm not within any place like that for 5 miles.

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