When a girl opens up to you cause you're on the same level as her, does it mean anything?

So I was talking to this girl late last night, she was saying to me that she can discuss her weirdness with me, cause I'm on the same level as her. Like we were having a discussion about the Quran, she was listening to it on YouTube. She sent me the video, and I was saying how it was kinda relaxing just listening to it. We're not Muslim or anything just open minded. She was saying how she can tell me talk to me about her weirdness cause I'm on the same level as her, as she couldn't discuss this with her house mates, cause they'll be weirded out by her etc I assume she feels comfortable.


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  • As a girl, I would say it does mean something. I opened up to a guy (who's now my boyfriend) and he appreciated my honesty. It could mean she's looking for someone to share ideas with and get to know better, especially if she shares her weirdnesses with you :) hope this helped


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