How should I ask her out?

a girl i used to talked to who stopped talking to me because i got clingy has started to contact me more and I've been much less clingy and she seems interested. i know she was kinda talking to a guy but she recently told me she wasn't feeling it with the guy and now i want to ask her out but should i ask her if she's still talking to the guy before i ask her out so i know before hand?


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  • As a girl, I think definitely ask her out in person! And check her social media. See if she still follows that guy on Facebook, Instagram etc. Also ask her friends who she talks to. Get information but don't inspect too much

    • i dont see her in person if i dont ask her out lol

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    • but should i ask if she's still talking to him first? i kind of want to because i wanna know

    • yeah I'd bring it up subtly and be like "do you still talk or nah?" :))

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