Why he keeps viewing my Instagram stories and liking everything but not asking me out again?

We went on 3 dates and it was great, he was a bit too fast moving so I moved slower and I acted a bit distance as I wasn't sure if it was me or my body he was interested in.

Then he went away for 3 weeks for work. I was cold to him but was still responding. I felt like he wasn't curious about my life so I stopped responding. One week later he checked in with me to let me know he is back in town but he didn't ask me out.

Another week went by I text him to let thank him for the chocolate he gave me before he went. I was warm but he is now cold. He tried to get me to ask him out when I asked him for movie suggestion. He suggested a few, when I asked if he's seen any he goes no I haven't ;)

The wink told me he got my message of wanting to see him he is just playing games. So I responded to other things in the text but dropped the movie thing. Then he ignored me but he is always the first to view my instagram stories.

is he trying to string me along by showing fake interest? Or revenging cos he felt like I was distance?


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  • Maybe he isn't interested in asking you out

    • did you read the question or just the title? if I', m not interested I won't keep checking up on someone or hint at theme to ask me out...

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