Does a female showing interest in a guy mean more for a guy that rarely gets female attention vs a guy who normally gets female attention?

Like say, there's guy 1, he doesn't have a problem with attracting females. He isn't a player, he just is well liked by females and if he went out he could ask a girl out with ease and have good positive feedback. He dates regularly.
theb guy 2, he's not good around ladies because they don't ask him out or he is rejected often. Maybe he isn't the typical guy females go for. His female interactions are seldom. Maybe he hasn't dated in years.

if a female shows guy 1 interest and guy 2 interest, would guy 2 think about it and appreciate it more? Will he hold more value to the encounter or remember it or think about her more than guy one?

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  • Yes, he would appreciate it more, it's basic psychology. I've always had quite a lot of attention from women so it's no big deal when one shows interest, but to a guy that rarely has any, he would be more surprised and appreciative.

    It's the same with most things in life..


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  • Obviously it will mean more to the person who rarely gets attention.


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  • Of course. You're going to be more appreciative of anything so long as it's less likely to happen to you, or happens less in general. It's the reason why people value things that are rare such as gold, and value things such as water less. Guy 2 would definitely appreciate the initiative much more than guy 1.

  • For me it's actually a boost to my ego and self esteem that a girl is actually interested in me enough to make the first move, i don't mind making teh first move but it doens't get returned a lot of the time

    In fact i very recently matched with a girl on Tinder who messaged me first; however i thought she was a bot at first as before then the only 'girls' who messaged first where bots

  • Guy 2 would appreciate it more, guy 1 probably think it's normal and therefore wouldn't be to bothered, guy 2 would show more love and appreciation


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