Can we be more than friends?

Hi there! So I've been friends with this girl for some years now. At first I never looked at her as a 'potencial girlfriend' or whatever, but now I'm quite sure I have strong feelings for her.
We don't have friends in common, which makes it harder.. However, we spend time together (alone) once in a while, usually in a pub right next to where we live (we live very close from each other).
We were together again last night, and though it was a 'friendstime' , with very private talking, I really loved it. I always do..
I'm quite sure she has hit on me in the past (not yesterday), but back then I wasn't that ready for a relationship, so I just ignored it.
We've been friends for 4 years +/-, and have these "meetings" once in a while.. I like her very much, and I'd love to be more than friends, but don't know if that's possible..
Any advice/opinions would be very much appreciated :)
Thank you
Any other opinions/advice?


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  • honestly just tell her how you feel. I had a similar situation in college. we were friends for 2 years and we were close and I did nothing. I later told her how I felt when ibmoved away and she wondered why I never asked her out. Do what you'll regretless. Hope it works out for you


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  • Just ask her, you won't lose anything with that. Try to tell something that will sound as a joke, like, "I would love to kiss you" and start laughing. Look at her reactions when you start being more and more serious, and then kiss her. If she kiss you back, congratulations, but if not, you can always say that you were just joking. I wish you a good luck. ☺

  • Look for signs of interest from her

    • How? that's the point ahah , I know how to do it with other girls, but not with a friend, especially a close friend..

    • Like does she want you all to herself, does she get jealous seeing you with other girls

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