Guys, Guy does not initiate dates, does he have low interest? If so, how should you act towards him?

Hi Guys. Been dating a guy for about 8 weeks... We do text every day about anything, nothing of substance. We hung out I would say 5 times. All of our dates were hanging out at each others place except one. The last one we went out. it was a nice evening. (as a side note: he travels a lot for work, for extensive periods of time. We talk throughout his business trips). The first couple of times he initiated the dates. Every time I would leave, he would say see you in a few days or this week. But after the 2 dates, these "few days" and "this week" turned into over a week. He talks to me every day and says he wants to see me. But does not ask me out. So the last 3 dates, I took it upon myself to ask him out. He always said yes and always suggested it'd be the very next day or the night of. Also, he is not in town for very long, so you would think he'd want to see me every opportunity possible - is it too soon for me to feel this way? We did sleep together last week - since, he hasn't been texting me as frequently or he will talk multiple hours to respond, sometimes goes to the next day. He knows I like him and that I want to get to know him and see him. He knows where I stand. I dont know where he stands. The last couple of days I decided to back off and to just not text anymore or ask him out. Because I felt like I was chasing the guy! Yesterday, he texted me that he missed me. I had a feeling maybe he needed some kind of validation. I did not respond until this morning. I did not say I missed him back and simply wished him a good morning and hoped he was having a nice trip with his friends out of town. Did I do good to back off and make him wonder, or did this piss him off? I need a guy's perspective. Is this guy just treating me as low priority? How should I be acting towards this guy... ? I am so confused. We are in our 30s.


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  • I dunno sounds like you're being played to me. maybe getting groomed to be the mistress.
    but what do I know that is just my opinion

    • I appreciate this... I definitely suspect so. Hence, why I'm here asking the question.

      from a male's perspective, why take the time to message a girl every day for this long though

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    • Why did you do it? Were you bored?

    • I took 3 years once on one woman. intrigue, that 20% I was missing from my relationship that was all I could focus on. for me it was an intellectual equal that I needed, loved my common law wife but she would tell me to shut up or that she wasn't interested if I started talking about work or stuff I enjoyed. so I went and found it. gave me validation. my wife made me feel like I was being used and abused so I found someone that wanted to talk to me and listen with interest.

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  • I think he's just playing you


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