Should I hang out with my friend and the guy I like?

My girl friend and I are going to hang out on Monday and the guy I like asked me to hang out about less than a week from now. My friend and him are friends so it wouldn't be awkward to hang out with both of them altogether. Should it just be me & the guy I like or, when we hang out for the first time, my friend can be there to break any awkward silences (she knows I have had feelings for him for a while now, by the way sorry for the horrible grammar 😂). Also, I'm not quite sure if the guy I like has feelings for me (it seems like he does but I wanted to confirm it). He usually stares at me a lot when we're talking and playfully touches me on the knees and puts his arm around me, touches my hair a lot 😶, etc.


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  • should be just you and him for the 1st time around and yes he likes you

  • See if there ok to hang out with each other..


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