Nervous guy or just really uninterested? Opinions?

So I'm in my 2nd year of uni and this guy I had a crush on is in his 5th year. We had a ballroom pkin class together and in the beginning he was able to make eye contact with me, stare at me from across the room and when speaking to me he could actually look me in the eye. After a little bit i started to notice he couldn't look me in the eyes anymore and then wouldn't even say hi out side of class when we would see each other like usual. So I just figured that he really didn't like me or something. Anyway at the end of the class we had to dance together and it was so funny he couldnt stop laughing or smiling, our dance was a disaster because we couldn't dance properly together without screwing up even though with others we were fine. Anyway its been 2 months since the class ended and i see him around a lot still but we never say anything to each other but he still looks at me sometimes when I'm not looking and then the other day him and my friend were alone and he started to ask her about how young I am and what year I'm in. And then he was telling her "aw she's so young" since he's 3 years older. So im confused why would he be asking?


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  • He wants to get to know you more


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