Would you leave a girl if she got upset with you and asked why you keep standing her up?

I met this guys at work and he keeps telling me I'm perfect for him, he would take me for drives at work and on our drive on his last day we made out for 30 minutes straight. Every time we have plans "something comes up" he texted me last night saying he's been missing me and can't wait to see me, so I texted him today to see if he wanted to hang out still and he said he was eating with his family he'd call later and like always never called. He's got a lot on his plate with him and his ex splitting and having 3 kids. But anyways I'm tired of getting stood up and just brushing it off because well I fell for him like an idiot. From a guys point of view what would you think if a girl got upset and asked what was goin on why he was standing you up?
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What Guys Said 2

  • From this guy's point of view, sometimes things do come up, but with anyone, if you care enough, you'll give an explanation if you can or at least reschedule if you can't. Saying "I'll call later" and not calling is showing how much effort he's willing to put into your time and effort. If a girl got upset about that, I'd probably try and talk to her to see what's got her upset about it, or try and explain and make plans to avoid being interrupted by other happenings.

  • i wouldn't stand her up, so no


What Girls Said 1

  • The guy sounds like a trainwreck. Not worth it. He don't got time for you.


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