Is this guy in my class interested in me? And how can I peak more of his interest?

I started a new semester of college about a month ago and I don't talk to anyone in that class, but there's this guy in one class that I feel may be interested in me.
I came into class late one day and the only seat open was next to him. He didn't say anything during class but at the end of class he asked what my name was and introduced himself. I didn't think anything of it he just seems like a nice guy.
Then next class I got there before he did and when he came in he sat by me, and we usually sat on different sides of the room. At the end of class we had a small conversation but that was it. I still didn't think much of it.
The next class though he got there before me and was already seated when I went to go to my seat, and after I sat down he got his stuff and came to the empty seat next to me.
Guys, I don't know if he's just friendly or if he's trying to show interest. Do you do these things to girls in your classes that you just want to be friends with or do you only attempt to meet new girls with the potential of maybe dating them? And if he does seem interested what can I do to let him know that I would be interested in possibly going on a date or something?


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  • You know, I think this guy is clearly interested. What you should do is make it a point to strike up a conversation with him and do lots of smiling. Laugh at his jokes if possible. You guys are really young so you're always going to face nerves and second-guessing, however this should give him the courage to actually ask you out. If he doesn't ask you out after you do all that, he's just never going to do it. At that point, you'll either have to let him go or ask him out yourself however, I wouldn't worry about that right now and would cross that bridge when/if you get to it.


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  • I will let the guys voice their opinion on this but I think the word you are looking for is "pique" [his interest]. (Please don't take offense.)

    • I was going to write the same thing, which I guess makes me feel bad because that's two of us who have made a grammar correction without actually addressing the question...

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    • jp612612 I completely get you. I also feel bad; but hey, English is important too. :D And it's for the good of society.

    • @Asked Yay I'm glad you're not mad. :) I get that struggle! Sometimes I make mistakes as well as a grammar Nazi. We just feel that pressure and it's okay.

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  • look this guy is interested. he's Probs just shy. he probably had to work up the courage to talk that first time and now he is getting more comfortable... but he's definitely interested. hope I helped.

  • yeah he's either interested in you, or he views you as a friend and someone he can talk to during lecture and what not

  • I'm way more direct than him but i really think he like you :)
    try saying a compliment to him and see how he react


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