I need help on what's gonna happen with this girl that I really like I don't want to lose her but I don't know what to do?

So I met this girl and everything was going good we were like in the process of dating because we wouldn't talk to anyone else and we both like each other a lot we would kiss and hold hands like if we were dating everything was good and then suddenly it all changed so I asked her that we needed to talk seriously and she just told me that she didn't want to be in a relationship that she needed time to herself but that she still wanted to be friends and have nothing changed so I asked her what she meant by have nothing changed and she said she didn't know like she didn't know if she wanted to be like how we were of talking like recently or like how we were like holding hands and kissing and all of that stuff so I just kept talking to her and then I just needed to know what was gonna happen between us cause she didn't tell me anything so then I texted her this "Hey I'm sorry to bug u but I have to get something off my chest I don't normally do this I really never done this but ur an exception I just want to let u know that the short time we spent I enjoyed every minute of it and if I would have know then what I know now that we wouldn't talk anymore I would have made the days with u longer I know the timing is not right for us I know ur not looking for anything serious which sucks but I respect that I hope we don't lose touch with each other I hope that maybe later on we can work things out so that we can both be happy I know this seems like a lot for knowing someone so shortly but I never felt this way for anyone before" and all she replied was aww how cute and of course we won't lose contact so I then asked her that I meant what I said and that I'm different than other people and she just told me that it means a lot that I'm different so yea like should I just give her time or should I just ask her what's gonna happen? I really like this girl and I don't want to lose her like what should I do or say to not lose contact with her or go to how we were?

Can I get some advice on what to do?


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  • The "awww that's cute" is a bad sign. It's like girl talk for "wow, yeah I don't feel the same way".
    She said she's not ready for a relationship from the start, yup really bad sign.

    I guess you can ask her more directly next time, but I don't think it'd help much tbh. You're just going to have to accept the fact that she may never come around. Or, may never come around for YOU. This may be one of those types of "I'm not looking for a relationship" type of rejections where she then gets into one in a few weeks with another guy.

    It's up to you to decide if you want to be at her arm's reach and wait, that's IF she decides to actually attempt to be with you.

    • Also, FYI, next time you ask these types of questions, to get more responses, keep it as short as possible.

      And break up that wall of text, see how my responses are in paragraphs with spaces? It helps us not have to be winded down when reading.

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    • I'm not good with giving people "space", unless it's indefinite and I'm cutting them off lol

      But her age may be a factor, I say try to let her think about it. Let her "miss" you, give her space. She may never come around, or it may take a really, really long time. It's up to you to judge the situation best.
      Let me reiterate that I'm not good with waiting lol but I found that people appreciate you more when you're gone, nearly every time I ignored a guy who wasn't "ready" to date me or even just not interested at the time I asked them out, they have all down the line, some as quick as a few weeks, others in months (I don't think it ever took like a year or close to a year) decided that they did want me. But it was too late as I had already put too much mental energy into forgetting them, or just plainly moving on.

    • Hopefully I think she's just confused and she needs time but yea I try to giver her space but it's so hard to give her space cause I try to not talk to her but I end up thinking about her and think on what should I do or say to get her back but yea I think I'm just gonna give her space and she what happens hopefully she comes back

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  • coming from a guy who felt much pain with a girl I was was so special and didn't want to loose. the best thing I can advice you to do is to have to let her go man. some things bro you can't take or go back to. you keep her as a friend and it will destroy you from the inside.

    • Yea i get what ur saying but I can't forget about this girl like I really try but I end up thinking about her and trying to think of what should I do or say to get her back

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    • Yea I know thanks tho for the advice I will just need to see what happens

    • good luck man. hope it goes well for you. 💪stay strong

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