Why are you single/how long have you been single?

The question is pretty self explanatory, but how long have those of you that are single, been so? And what happened to make things be that way? If you could go back and change things in an attempt to save the relationship would you?


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  • Well before I had my first ex 4 months ago, I was single since my childhood lol so I pretty much had my first relationship at 18 years old. Main factors leading to the breakup is: not the right time, for my situation at least since Filipinos have the belief and tradition of having no boyfriend yet until after I finish my education; his race isn't much satisfactory to family well most filipino families (black); he didn't understood much about my struggles at school since I take college level classes in highschool (now a Senior) and he already graduated 2 years ago and never went to college himself; last major thing is that he wanted us to move away from the state where I leave at and leave my family and abandon the start of my college ( and that's f*cked up to me) Well if I could have changed things to attempt to save the relationship, it would mean choosing him over my family and I'm really close to my fam. So I guess there's no worth saving it.


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