Why stare at me excessively but block my message?

I had a flirtatious relationship with a guy friend, in which we later decided that we wanted more, however I found out that he was talking to different girls and I kinda angrily messaged him, "No thanks" to the relationship, but we could still be friends. Yet, sometimes he quietly speaks to me and I catch him everyday staring at me excessively--he watches me walk by, but when I look up at him he puts he stares away. Anywho I tried sending him a message on Facebook about our friendship, but I discovered that he blocked me on Messenger. I basically would like to know, why would he continuously stare at me but block my messages. Thanks for all your help.


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  • Because I'm not gonna expect out of a woman because she already made her decision so you made yours.


What Girls Said 2

  • Well he's not a mind reader, if you say NO THANKS, to him you're just not interested in him romantically ! If he doesn't wanna be friends, who can blame him? and WHY would you like to be friends with him if you like him?

    You could've just talked to him about it, and tell him that him talking to other girls make you feel like he's a player, and you would like to see how things will go between you two. It's not too late, talk to him, and if he rejects you, move on !

  • He is not interested in you. Give up. If he was interested, he wouldn't have blocked you.


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