How to get a guy to do nice things for you and how to keep him happy and make him want you?


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  • Easy - satisfy him in EVERY way
    with guys it's much simpler than for gals, ergo you eventually profit from this investment

    If this doesn't solve it, more details about your problem, please

    • How can you satisfy him in everyway i give him sex and oral whenever he wants it but i dont know how to communicate about other things outside of sex. Sometimes i want to text him but i dont want it to seem like im bugging him plus i dont know what to say so i wait till he text me and thats only when he wants sex I don't know what to do im scared to even send something funny to him cause i feel like i would just be annoying him i want us to be real friends and i think i have let things go on too long for things to change I don't know what to do cause its not like i want to stop cause what we do is good i just want to talk about other things sometimes

    • Either YOU
      or his bad moods
      are creating an introvert of yourself, bent on failure and excuses rather than success in getting what you want OVER the fear of losing him.

      Again, IF you really want this bad-boy mismatch to work, lose all self thoughts and focus only on what's best for him... in every way. Either he will come around to be the Prince Charming best match for you OR you will get rose colored glasses knocked off to realize all this waster investment is better spent on a better match.

      One or the other will evolve.

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  • He has to already like you. And I don't know how to "force" that. Sorry

    • Would you sleep with someone for 2yrs if you didn't like them or they were ugly?

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    • Lol just wondering what some peopke would do for sex but even if the sex and oral was good it would still be a no?

    • It'd still be a no lol I wouldn't be able to kiss him if i didn't find him attractive, let alone let him fuck me

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  • Wow!! Nothing to work with here! I need to know a lot, about her, to decide if I like her or not!! You said nothing here, about you? WHY? You can't get anyone to like you (ok, except for guys like me!!) without saying why you are AMAZING, and WHY THEY NEED TO BE WITH YOU!!!
    Tell me more about you, either here, openly, or privately!!

  • every guy different but just do sexual stuff with him if you want to make him happy. If you want him to do nice things for you make him earn those sexual things. Not Necessarily you took me out to so I guess we have to have sex now but a little give and go can work wonders. As far as making him want you. that on you as the saying goes "something you won't do for your man, another girl will" take that how you will but just keep him satisfied and you should be good

  • Be nice to him, do nice things for him. If he doesn't reciprocate, tell him, if he still doesn't reciprocate, then he's a jerk. He should want you without you having to do anything other than be your self, if that's not the case, i'd be moving on, it clearly is not a lasting partnership! Sorry for being super blunt, I just woke up and my empathy is still sleeping.

  • are you already dating him? or just a friend? or a guy you want to date?

    • Were friends who sleep together and im trying to figure out how not to make it just about sex but be real friends

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