Will she reconsider?

I met a girl via Tinder for about 2 months. Constantly texting eachother each night. We had a first great date with lots of chemistry and laughs and agreed to have another, but due to Christmas break and exam period it took a long time before the moment of the second date. During this period I noticed that she was losing interest by giving me short answers and even ignoring some messages. I confronted her with her loss of interest after a couple of messages and told her it was best if we gave eachother some space so that we could focus on the exam period. She agreed and accepted my offer for another date after the exam period.

3 weeks passed and I reached out to her again. She still was acting cold and even cancelled the date the day before because "She couldn't make it that week". I knew that was BS and that she didn't have the guts to say "Hey, I'm not interested anymore". So I told her that it's ok to lose interest, can happen and that I prefer to be honest about it.
She then said that she "felt bad about it, because you're a very nice guy" and gave me another flowery vage BS answer as "It's not you, it's me". I found that very disrespecting because she still did the same thing after I said I prefer honesty. Also I do not consider myself a 'nice guy' (AKA boring, doormat, dependent etc) but a 'good guy' (all the good traits of a nice guy, but also someone who takes action, self-respect, priority to its own life, independent, exciting).

So I told her that I found how she's acting again was immature and disrespecting. I also explained to her that she probably had a false image of me in her head and explained that her loss of interest was because of me that I looked a bit too clingy and that I cannot force her now into liking me. She appreciated that and told me it's better to not continue (which I agree for now because it probably would be too awkward.

But I wonder, will she eventually reconsider this after I explained it and reach out to me again?


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  • Probably not. If space was all it took to lose interest she probably wasn't that invested to begin with hun


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