Girls, when would you sleep over at guys place? Friends / more than friends?

If you considered him as just a friend would you ask to sleep over at his place?

She was at my place. First she told me that she has meeting with her girl friend in the evening, but she canceled it and told me she wants to watch a movie with me. During the movie she said she doesn´t feel like going home and would maybe like to sleep over. We also watched youtube and I asked her what kind of series she likes and she showed me some sex scenes from desperate housewives. Don´t get me wrong, I got the point, but I was quiet, because I want to take things slowly - I have important reasons.

At the end I escorted her home and when I hugged her I told her how amazing she is. That moment when I could see sparks and happiness in her eyes. After half an hour she texts me "Thank you for everything ;)" I texted her back that I never had such an amazing time like I have with her. She said back "Thank you" with a blushed smiley and we wished good night.

Does this looks good? She is a dream girl and will do everything for her to be my girlfriend.

I know it´s valentine´s day on Tuesday, but I´m busy. What should I do? We already have plans next weekend to go out again.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I have slept at my male friend's place a lot of times. He was not interested in me and I was not interested in him as well.


What Guys Said 1

  • I have slept with my girl friends from time to time, specially if it's a long drive back or if I'm drunk and it's just more for convenient and nothing more than just friends


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