Massage for my partner. Would a guy prefer it at a sports clinic or high end spa?

Ok so follow up on my other post.

its been agreed that a deep tissue massage is a good gift idea for my partner.

now I need to know if a guy would prefer it to be at a sports massage clinic or at a high end hotel spa?

i know chicks like the high end spa but do guys or is it a bit gay?

and no I cannot do it myself as it needs to be done by a professional.



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  • Massages at a sports clinic is really meant for people who do physical activities on a normal basis. And they focus on certain parts of your body that need stretching or massage therapy. High end spas are once in a while things that focus on the whole body. At the high end spa, he could request for a female masseuse. And at a high end spa, you could couple's massages as well

    • He does very physical manual work as a job. He trains at the gym 6-7 days and boxes. Hence the sports idea.

      If it was a high end spa yes I'd like a hot young female to do it, god knows I'd be paying enough.

      Literally can't afford a couples massage. It's near 300 just for him alone!

    • So a massage at a sports clinic would be a good idea. Not only is it a gift from you, it's perfect for him in his line of work

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  • I imagine the sport's clinic


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  • Well I am studying to be a masseuse, if he wants a more remedial and relaxing massage, go to the spa, if he wants to have a direct work on a problem area, go to the sports clinic.

    • It's a surprise gift for him. I just thought it was something different, something he'd not do for himself.

      Just don't know which a guy would prefer?

  • if it's more medical reasons do a sports place

    If it's more for relaxing do the high end

    But book a women

    • I want the message done by a hot young chick if I'm paying that much, he's got to 10000% enjoy it

      Otherwise I'll go the sports clinic option

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    • That you specifically want a hot girl to massage him lol

      I meant it more as just having female hands is better. She doesn't have to be hot. And most massage women are not hot. They are strong and a little butch because it's hard work

    • It's not odd at all. It's not like they are going to swap numbers, go on a date etc

      It's the one and only time another women's hands will be on him so why not have it be a hot female, he'd not disapprove I'm sure.

      That is the difference with the sports clinic and spa the spa tends to have the hotter women due to it not being an injury or problem but a nice massage

  • what. who said that was a good idea. anybody with a JOB can get massages from their health plan up to a certain amount each year. it's nothing.

    • That may be the case but who does do that?

      It's a gesture of the giving kind to help relax unwind for him in this stressful day n age.

      Both guys n girls said it was a great sweet idea. It is not a sole gift but part of a little bundle of things to give to him as a surprise.

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    • Boxing gloves, work gloves.

    • Oh right I see. Yrmeah I thought of that too. But for v day I wanted more romantic stuff.

      His bday is in 3 months.

  • Spa either if it was you

  • Id prefer a high end spa and definitely a female masseuse. lol!

    • I didn't get him shit, thankfully as he didn't deserve it!! But thanks x

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    • Well that's super nice of you to say xxx thanks. Your not bad yourself 🤗

    • Ha! Thanks! Just followed you. Feel free to follow back if you'd like to chat some more.

  • anyplace that gives a happy ending works for me!

    • He's my partner there will be no happy endings!

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    • No he's dating me.

      So your saying your girlfriend wife sister mother can go get a massage and the guy can finish off with a finger bang and you'd have no issue because well he's not dating her!!

    • not insertion but sure he can stimulate and give them a clitoral orgasm no biggie

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