Would you date someone who does online role-playing games that include virtual sex?

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To clarify, I'm a writer and so is my female friend. She's actually published several fantasy and erotica novels. We've been doing an online blog for the past five years with the characters from both of our books.

Over time they've hooked up, fallen in love, married, even had babies. We kill them off them all the time and then bring them back. Lol

Other people watch TV and movies all the time that involve sexual situations. We're basically just writing our own show. It's totally private.


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  • Yeah that's fine, sexuality is such an individual thing, whatever gets you off, gets you off, sexuality shouldn't be judged, if you don't like it, you don't like it, no need to hate

    • Not to get off, but it's just part of the story line for those characters.

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    • Do you have snapchat?

    • No, I don't

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  • absolutely not


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  • someone who does that is creepy

    • I get what you're saying. I used to think it was weird until I realized other people watch television with sex in it. Basically we are just writing our own TV show.

  • Definitely

    • The asker ummm I would think you're attractive am I right or wrong?

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    • Post a picture of yourself on here and see what other people say about you

    • I don't care what the age of the girls is 20 or Under 20 , under 18

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