What does it mean when he says: We're hot for each other but we should take things slow. And, I like you and I don't want anything to harm you?

There is this guy whom I've known from several years back. We weren't actually close friends. It was more like colleagues. The past few years he's been messaging me on and off in months gap. Just trying to start a convo in chat. Obviously, I am commited in a long term relationship with an amazing guy. But things have been though lately now that we were in an LDR for about 3 years this year. Anyhow, going back that guy colleague, I reply very light so the chats never last long. I wanted to be as loyal and faithful to my boyfriend. Then recently he got himself a girlfriend. It didn't bother me. But a month ago he messaged and asked me out. Said he'll cook for me, or even bring my boyfriend in the resto he's about to open up in the near future. I openly said that we're in a LDR. He said he can personally cook for me, I said that I'm not sure and I'll think about it. Then he said, no rush.

However this month we got in touch and none of us ever bothered asking our relationship status. He lives quite far right now on a vacay at his parents home. We somehow got into that talk where he said he likes me etc, and I kinda find myself liking him as well. He talked me out with sweet words until having that video call where he wanted some skin. I did not 100% disclose, yet he did. I found everything to be so fast and doubted his motives. Then came one night he said We're hot for each other but we should take things slow. And also: I like you and I don't want anything to harm you.

Does he really like me or what? I feel like moving on in an instant because I have trust issues.
The first time he said he likes me he wanted to tell it personally so it wouldn't be awkward. We haven't talked today as I wanted him to take the first initiative just like before. Anyway, I was wondering if he is only into sex because he tried to seduce and talked me into showing some skin and massage. Why does he tell me that he likes me and yet lately been aloof. We haven't seen each other for years and the whole "I like you" turned this way. I think we shouldn't talk for now.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just wants to do it right and not eff up the relationship as he has probably was the guy who was helping others with their relationship issues growing up. And doesn't want to risk causing a train wreck. That could tear the two of you apart.

    • But why did he push it to masturbating via video call?

    • Uh just maybe let his um lower half got the better of him xD. Well Guys do what their hormones tell them to do.

      *facepalm* I would never have that happen on one of my video calls as thats not really my style xD.

What Girls Said 1

  • I am under the impression that he's using you.

    • Thanks. I think so too and I feel bad for even giving him a chance.

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