Girls, She's not ready/confused?

Need help figuring out what a girl said/ means. We are both in our 20s, I'm about 5 years older.
Was talking to a girl for two months after getting her number / Facebook profile from a friend. We connected pretty quickly and started texting each other every day, often for the entire day. As the weeks went on the duration and topics escalated. We had a connection and attraction towards each other early on. After one month of talking, we went on our first date and it went amazing. We only ended up going on three dates, each one being better then the previous. She told me how happy she was and that she can't stop smiling and talking about me to friends, family and co-workers. Sometimes we would talk on the phone and the conversations would last for a few hours. There was also a very physical attraction as well, right from the start. Anyways, after the last date she told me she can't wait to see me again, the next day said she missed me. However, the day after she text me late at night saying she can't do this and isn't ready. Before we even met she told me several times that her past relationships ended badly and she doesn't want to get hurt again. On the night things ended, she said before me, she was dating someone who she had very strong feelings for, but he didn't feel the same. She told me she's confused and scared about her feelings and needs time to be alone. A day after she blocked me from Facebook, and we haven't spoken since. Do you think she truly isn't ready to date, or she lost the attraction and connection towards me within 24 hours? I really liked this girl and am pretty confused as how we went from sitting in her car talking and not being able to keep our hands off each other for 2 hours, to not speaking at all. I really want to continue seeing her, do you think she just needs time or I shouldn't bother?
Just to follow up, To make matters worse, my friend said that she had been posting pictures of her and some guy. I know one of her best friends is a guy, and one of my closest friends is a girl, who I have photos with. But based on the situation it sounds like she lied to me and was seeing someone else this whole time, or started seeing someone within 5 days of dumping me. At this point I really want confront her and call her out on it.


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  • She needs more time. Or you can just go, visit her and talk about it. And then try to show her that you are there for her. But you must be honest, really honest. Tell her how you feel about her and she will understand. I hope so. I wish you all best. :)


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