Does he think I'm a drunk?

I went out with a guy I liked a couple of times after meeting him online. In the beginning we talked/text constantly and then there was a definite point he quit talking to me as much. He says he is very busy with work, since the first of the year but he definitely doesn't seem to want to make any effort to get together or communicate as much. All I can think of is the last time we went out, which was to a Christmas party, I had too much to drink. Nothing horrible happened but maybe he thinks I'm an alcoholic and wants to stay away? Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this?



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  • I doubt it had anything to do with that. If I were you, I would ask him directly about that.

    • I'm probably over analyzing! Thank you

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  • Labels are biased, just because I use the restroom four times a day doesn't make me a shxtty a$$hole


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