Why am I always asked to be a side-chick?

I've been asked more than once to be a guy's side chick, sometimes I know their girlfriends sometimes I don't. My answer is ALWAYS no, without any hesitation.

I'm a hard-working final year medical student, I run in a small tightly knit circle. I come from an ambitious and successful family. So naturally I'm the same, ambitious, successful and highly independent. When I'm not in scrubs or gym gear, I don't wear revealing clothes. I'm not into the club scene.

I don't understand where I'm going wrong and why I can't find a decent enough guy to be in a steady relationship. Or where I'm going wrong in how I portray myself for guys to think I want to be a side chick.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's not you but the guy's in your area seem to want fun and games and nothing serious.

  • Well how do you portray yourself? You flirt lots? What your personality like?

    • I'm quite standoffish in all fairness, I get told I'm a bitch until you get to know me.

      I'm not flirtatious, but I think once I'm friendly with a guy he takes that the wrong way

    • You answered your question then.
      Some guys may think you are unapproachable if you come across how you say.
      And you will always get the idiots no matter what you do.

What Girls Said 1

  • Because you are unlucky, that's why. I doubt you are doing anything wrong.


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