Do "Nice guys " gotta wait longer to start getting girls?

Tbh I know i'm a good guy, i'm all about Faith, Family and my future. Sometimes i see couples with guys that i'd say i might be better looking than with pretty girls, u knw there's always those couples. Then in terms of personality, guys that are known jerks and idiots, trouble makers getting girls, while iv'e never had a girlfriend. I'm not looking for a sexual relationship but a romantic one. I will admit i could lose a few but i have seen guys heavier than me with girls tho most are in their mid 30's and the girls are around that age. Do guys like me have to wait longer?


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  • No, I don't think so. I've tried to date nice guys a few times and honestly, I don't want to be rude but usually, they are the problem. Many of them don't know what they want and how they want it, they want a girlfriend but don't know what they expect from the relationship or shy away when a girl is flirting with them and then drown themselves in self pity for "never finding a girl". I'm a really patient person when it comes to relationships and have nothing against going slow but when I've heavily flirted with a guy for a month and he's doesn't make any move even though he's interested, I don't want to keep "wasting my time" on this kind of behavior.

    • good point but when u said flirt, and shyed away, what do u mean?

What Guys Said 2

  • You might be a "nice guy". If you agree with any of the posts here (https://www. reddit. com/r/niceguys/) you have a problem. Don't call guys who are more successful with women than you jerks and idiots, and don't obsess over just women who are very attractive. Not looking for a sexual relationship? Is that really the truth or would you "have no problem" if the relationship went sexual? Go to the gym, start talking to all women, and go after what you want, don't settle for less because it won't work.

    • no i don't think it's what i would want. Those in particular i referred to as jerks was guys i knw personally who r racist and bigots that are cool just because they play sports or could talk to a few girls.

    • what going to the gym has to do with the question?

    • @BluesBoy He said he could lose a few pounds. So he should lose a few pounds.

  • just drop the nice guy mentality, dont make a detailed plan, just be yourself go for what you want


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