How to meet women in the 20s?

Hello, I would like to take women on dates. The problem that I'm currently facing is to know where I could meet some women.

I just graduated from college, and never went on a date. I know that I should have experience by now what it is like to date someone, but back then in college I was extremely shy and couldn't even hold a conversation for more than 10 seconds.

Now, I'm still a shy person. Nevertheless, my shyness does not have such impact as it used to be during college times. I don't know if I am able to do the first move when talking to a woman, since most of the time I met women from mutual friends. As you can imagine, I don't have any female friends. I want to meet some women, and to take their numbers for eventually building a serious relationship and do some friends along the process.

Looking forward to your assistance,

Thank you ! :)
I am seeking for your advices. Kindly be as specific as you can since you have there someone that has no experience at all in this field.

Despite being well experience in many other aspects of my life at the age of 23, I can clearly say that I am totally inexperienced when it comes to the dating/love life.


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  • It's difficult approaching women in public unless you are very attractive and very charismatic. Don't you have any female friends that can set you up with a girl? Or can't you meet girls through your friends/acquaintances? It's better that way

    • Thank you for your reply.

      No, I don't have any female friend around unfortunately. I am a super guy, and super shy at the same time. :(

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  • Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your social life! That's brave and very necessary!

    Here's what I did when I was lonely and shy after my first divorce...

    1) I recognized that shyness is an issue of the ego. Our ego's can be sensitive and fragile and hates being challenged... and when we meet new people we put our ego's at risk of being questions... "If she laughs at me or doesn't like me does that mean I'm not as cool and awesome as my ego says I am?"

    Listen... we can live our lives at the mercy of everyone else's opinions of us, or we can grow up and develop our OWN opinions. Guess which one is better for our heart and our success in life?

    Here's a secret... everyone has the same fears. We all fear we're not good enough and we all fear social embarrassment and rejection. But that's because we're raised to CARE what everyone else things and feels.

    But the reality is that NOBODY's opinion MATTERS more than our own. Because nobody else will walk in your shoes, and experience life the way you have. So they don't really KNOW you.

    Everything everyone else does and says is about THEM, not about US.

    When that hot woman rejects us, she's not rejecting US, she's rejecting our approach, and she's reacting based on her own life's traumas and experiences. Maybe she was raped. Maybe her creepy uncle made her fearful of new men. Who knows! It's not our business.

    All we should do is appreciate that what other people think of us is none of our business. That's for them to worry about. All we need to do is handle ourselves, and embrace our OWN opinions.

    When you practice this idea... and catch yourself worrying what others think, you'll slowly harden yourself against the poor opinion of others.

    And THEN you'll BE FREE!

    THEN it'll be easy to talk to women.

    2) Being good with women also comes from being good with everyone. So the fastest way to meet new women is to practice making small talk with all the people you meet. Like, when you go shopping make an effort to chat with everyone you see.

    Ask the old guy where he bought those awesome shoes. Ask the girl next to you if those jeans you're holding are trendy or sketchy. Ask the old lady where she bought that fancy broach.

    Being friendly and social is the FASTEST route to meeting new women.

    I meet women while shopping at the mall, and while eating in restaurants (I'll talk to other tables.)

    I hope this helps!

    ~ Robby

    ( My Blog )

    • Thank you so much for your elaborated reply.

      I learned so many things out of this, hopefully I'll be able to apply them.

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