Girls, what went wrong? Went out with this girl and she wants some "distance" but at the same time wants to go out with me again?

Ok. I am very very confused. Me and this girl were aquainted by a mutual friend a few days ago. When we started chating it went REALLY well. She even told me I look cute and handsome. We did some Skype calls and we liked eachother a lot. Well we met for the first time on Friday. At the start of the date it went well. We went for a coffee and she was smiling, laughing a lot and playing with her hair. She even said I have very good eye contact (LOL). Then she told me she would very much like to go out with me again. After the coffee we (as scheduled) went to the cinema to watch a movie we both chose by ourselves. But after the cinema everything changed. She seemed nervous and a little bit awkward. So when we went home we talked on Facebook for a while. Then yesterday she told me that she wants a "distance" because she is very introverted and shy but that she wants to go out with me but not now.

I am trying to figgure out what went wrong. I still think the convo went pretty well although I can get shy too and there were some minor moments of silence. The other thing I can only think of is that I got a phonecall from my boss in the middle of the film + she saw a message from my friend on Facebook asking me if I want to go out tonight. She seemed different after the movie.

I really like this girl and I am pretty sure she felt the same (she even said this to me in a way). I don't know what could have went wrong. Fyi we watched the new horror movie "Rings" (she likes horror movies) lol. This girl (even by others!) is known to be VERY shy and introverted.
thanks in advance!
thanks! again :)


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  • it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong in my opinion
    maybe she had a bad experience recently and doesn't want to get you caught up in?
    I don't know
    id say, give her sometime and see what happens

    • hey!
      yes she had a bad relationship some time ago :( she told me... but I feel weird and anxious! Yes I will giver her some time of course :)

    • I wish you the best of luck with her

What Guys Said 1

  • Go with the flow, but if it seems like she's stretching a lot, then maybe just let it go


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