How did you get over losing the love of your life?

I met Ed -- a British sailor three and a half years ago. From the first moment I saw him I fell in love. By the second date I had invited him to my apartment. As he was getting up to leave I had a choice -- have a one nightstand or regret it. I chose to pin him down and he reciprocated with the most phenomenal sex. This continued for a few weeks but he travels around the world so he'd be gone for months on end. I faithfully (and foolishly) waited for him and anytime he left I'd be heartbroken.

After nearly three years I began dating in order to forget him. I finally initiated a strictly sexual with an attractive attorney. The first night I cried after sex with the attorney with only thoughts about Ed. This was back in 2015. Fast forward to a year and a half and I've had boyfriends and lovers and I I realize it always comes back to Ed. I have never cried when they left or when I've broken up with them. They were simply a bandage.

This past November Ed texted me to say he was in Miami. I live in Tampa and I decided to drive four hours to see him. All the while he kept texting me saying he'd meet up with me. Finally, at 1 AM he stated he couldn't. I sent him a mean text and he stated he hoped that I wouldn't be forever mad at him and that he'd make it up to me.

Yesterday, an ex boyfriend contacted me and said he wanted to see me. After we had sex he wanted to cuddle. He fell asleep and I went to the living room and began to cry. You would think I'd be mad at Ed for having stood me up but he's the only person I can't move past and I don't understand why. In fact, I secretly hope I see him one day and have even unblocked his number on my phone. I honestly have come to the conclusion that he's the love of my life.

With that being said, how do you or did you get over the love of your life when the feeling is not reciprocated?


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