Is he flirting with me? I don't have much experience. Help?

He goes to my church. He stares when I'm not looking. Sometimes looks at me with his mouth open. He can't look me in the eyes when talking to me sometimes.. he starts looking around but still has his body turned towards me. He kept glancing at me once when he was talking to someone else across the room. When he saw I noticed.. he turned to face me.. was still glancing..& was still talking to the other person. I caught him staring once & he didn't look away until someone said something to me. When we did a duet.. he said we could use the microphones on the opposite sides of the church and gaze into each other's eyes. He was staring at me when the preacher was preaching last Sunday night.. I saw out of the corner of my eye. He compliments me every time I sing. He's complimented my clothes. We recently built a new building for the youth & more classrooms. Today was the grand opening. He was standing there holding the door open for people to go in & look at it. I walk to the door.. he says he likes my red dress. I didn't have any kids in my Sunday school class.. so I went to my Sunday school class in the new building. There is a married couple sitting in the room already. I sit with a chair in between me & the man that was in the room. Well the chairs were in a circle & the next person to walk in was the boy. He could have sat anywhere. He sat in the empty chair between me ant the other guy. In other words he sat right beside me and he has never done that before. He kept moving around in his chair during Sunday school- like he couldn't get comfortable (switched positions).. straightened his suit jacket.. brushed his jacket off with his hand.. crossed his legs.. uncrossed them & crossed them a different way. earlier.. when I said the room needed decorations.. he said he would put me and the teacher's fiancé in charge of decorations (as a joke). I said we could paint the room pink. He looked at me with his mouth open, touched his hair & said uhhhhhh. Is he flirting?


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  • No he wasn't


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