Is he playing me or does he like me?

So this guy and I have known about each other for months, but never really talked. At a party two months ago, we kissed and later that weak I messaged him on facebook. We started talking and we talked basically 24/7 every day. He said in the beggining he didn't want relationship or anyrhing serious for thaf matter becausd he just doesn't see himself in thst position. But then later he said he liked me and and that he would have something with me, he invited me at his birthday party with his friends, etc
know what people think about him (that he's ultimate fuckboy) but he doesn't reslly sct like it at all. He obviously gets mad if I dont reply to his messages, he doesn't turn conversstions into something sex related ( as fuckboys would), he tries to be near me as often as he can etc. He even promised not to have antthinf with any girl, because i said there's no way i would have anyrhing to do with him if he would. ... he seems to be holding on to that. He says he doesn't tslk to other girls but i dont believe it I don't know...
But then again his friend who is also my friend told me that he really hopes i dont fall for him because he's a jerk so thst kinda didn't help me at all...
Also we haid that talk about relationships and we both agrees that we wantes somethinf but just didn't know what (a fuckboy would be having that convo would he?) , and he seemed confused when i hinted he could be trying more like 'are you trying to say i'n not giving effort into this?'
I dont know guys im just confused because i like him a lot but im afraid im just blinded by his charm since All people keep telling me he's bad for me


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  • I think you are blinded by his charm as well. Consider yourself warned, but you are free to do whatever you want.


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  • suck him first. if his cum tastes sweet he is the one. if it tastes sour he is not the one.


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