Are we just friends or what?

So this girl and I have been talking for awhile. At one point she said shewasn't ready for a relationship because she couldn't get over someone. But then all of a sudden we started talking again. She even started calling me/FaceTime and gotten into the habit of calling me boyfriend or babe. We even made plans to go somewhere with a couple friends for her birthday ( not going to happen because of school and work) but she invited me to her house for her birthday. But im still trying to figure out where we stand. Her saying "hey boyfriend" etc. And sending a couple reveling pics (if you know I mean). Im trying to figure out if this is the "friendzone" not that I believe in it.
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  • She invited you home while she called you her boyfriend. This is no friendship.. definitely something more.

  • Lol.. Seriously she called you her boyfriend. Don't you acknowledge her as your gf?


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