Short/small girls, what type of guys do you like?

What type of guys do short girls prefer?
Most experiences I've had with those types of girls is that they are perpetually pissed.
I'm curious as to why I can never seem to attract the type of girls I like.

For reference, I'm a five-foot-five, white male. Currently gaining muscle, low body fat at 148 LBS.


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  • I'm 5'2. I'm assuming that you mean what kind of guys do I like physically rather than in terms of personality. I usually like tall-ish and average weight or on the slimmer side, the lean and lanky thing is apparently what I like :P I don't like muscle much and I prefer that the guy be 5'5 or over but like a max height of 6'0.

    • Aw... lol
      My heat sank. I'm stocky with low body fat. For my sake, I hope this is not the general consensus. Why do you like lanky guys?

    • I also what to know what type of personality you like.

  • Lol how short is short?

    • My height and under.

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    • I wish haha Thanks for the response.

    • No probs

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