Does a guy really mean it when he says that I am too good for him?

A guy I like told me that I was "too good for him" because he wants to marry a bimbo who has a low IQ and is a total slut. He says that he is turned off by girls who have brains and who are classy, and that a lot of good-quality guys would want to be with a girl like me. Just not him because he is in the "minority".

My question is, is he really that serious? Is it possible for someone to want to marry someone like that? Why would he keep texting/wanting to spend time with me if he truly doesn't take me seriously?


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  • He doesn't understand what he actually means with what he wants. I doubt he wants a "dumb" girl, he probably wants a drunken party girl that he's smarter than and can more/less keep in control under him.

    He doesn't want someone who thinks for themselves and has opinions. You aren't "too good" for him, he probably doesn't want a girlfriend that'll realize when he tries to walk all over them. Maybe he wants a nymphomaniac. And there's no way he's marrying anyone at this stage, he likely wouldn't even want to call anything that happens a relationship.

    As for why he would still be texting you, he doesn't mind staying friends. If you're attracted to him, maybe try getting into a friend's with benefits situation, but don't expect anything out of it.

    • Can he possibly change his mind?

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  • No. No one actually means that. They usually say it whenever they want to reject someone. It's almost guaranteed. No one would actually let someone good get away, since people are selfish and they want to keep the good things for themselves.

    • He said that to me, but when we spoke on the phone later he said that he wanted to keep going out with me. Now I'm confused.

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  • In my opinion, he wants to meet someone with big boobs and low IQ (easy to get and keep). Or he may feel happy with you, but stressed when it comes to marriage. He just want to have more relationships with those bimbos.

    • Does this mean that he isn't considering anything serious with me? I was pretty shocked to hear him say that.

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    • he pretty much said that it's too early for him to know if he wants to date me?

    • You have to make more effort. Let him go into your world , maybe invite him to your home, or do something sweet. If you are in mood, you could make more physical contact or have sex. He will think about what you are concerned.

  • Maybe he's just insecure and he wants your validation

    • He told me that he likes bimbos and slutty girls... Does he really mean that?

    • he could, but not necessarily because he thinks of bimbos and sluts as the best, but as what he is good enough for or "deserves"

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