Should I be patient or bring it up?

I've been dating a guy for almost 5 months now---no sex yet. he started off really hot (called me evey night, always ask me to hangout) during that time he asked what i would say if he asked me to be his girlfriend i said i needed time. i was kinda wanting to keep my distance and i would turn him down on his invitations to go out so wed only see each other on weekends. slowly he stopped asking me out as much though he would still call me
every night. then it lead to a fight where i told him i wanted him to ask me out on dates and he said he was tired of having me turn him down and wanted me to call him more. in that time he stopped calling me until i reached out to him. we made up and he took me on a date yesterday where he was kind and sweet. the point is that he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. will he ever ask me? is there anything i can say? i dont want to pressure him after we just made up


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  • You pulled away from him. What other response did you expect from him?
    You gave him a huge "not really interested" message.
    You have a trust and credibility problem now.
    Good luck.


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  • Bring that up. Tell him directly that you want to be exclusive with him. You have every right to do that, i mean, you have been dating for almost 5 months for Christ's sake. I wouldn't be as patient as you are to be honest.


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  • Probably not and there's nothing you can do. You've played head games with him in the past and frankly I'm surprised he went out with you at all. I wouldn't have

  • Sounds like you've played him a few too many times. Its his turn now so you'll just have to be patient

    • im just tired of acting like we're together and it not being official. it makes me worried that i
      our relationship is not going anywhere

    • That's understandable however he might still think u want to take it slow. Id talk to him in person and explain

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