What pickup lines work on you?

Everyone knows there are good and bad pickup lines. What pickup lines have worked (or would work) on you?


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  • None, they are so lame lol some are funny thoughπŸ˜‚

    One time a guy said to me" hey , should I ring you in the morning to wake you up , or nudge you" 😏lol it didn't work on me 😜


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  • This one has a 100% success rate: "I am a pilot. Would you like me to take you flying in my plane sometime?"

    • I don't see that working 100% of the time lol I've tried it before and the girl was scared of heights πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • Or leg room provided. I'm 5ft 6.

      I spent the journey with the armrest up and my legs curled up on the seat next to me.

      Saying your a pilot won't impress me based on my experience!

      My previous was when I was a kid and I was given a sandwich - tomato and cheese. Would have been great if I could eat buttered bread.

      Planes just weren't made for people like me.

    • @Hidden_P
      You still don't get it. It isn't that I am a pilot that is impressive, my being rich is more impressive. It is that I can offer something to do that is really cool that no one else they know can do. The majority of people have never flown in the front seat of a plane. The majority of people will jump at the chance, particularly if it doesn't cost anything.

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  • None, like they are very very corny. But they serve for a good laugh lol

  • none

  • None.


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