Girl I hit it off with VERY well doesn't want to spend Valentine's Day with me?

So Basicly, i have very recently ( last 2 weeks) have started talking to this girl. We went out on a date, had an amazing time. Lots of chemistry. Great sex. And even a few days later we met up again. We've been talking a lot via text. A mutual friend of ours told me that she likes me.

So I text her saying I'm gonna take her out on Valentine's Day. She replies back that she's busy, hanging out with other friends that don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Is it me or is this abnormal? Why wouldn't she want to be with me?


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  • why are you even bothered. it's not a day important to the relationship you have with each other. it's a made up day for all couples out there, so.


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  • Totally fine. V day romqnce tends to ramp up commitment, ans 2 weeks isn't nearly long enough for that


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