What does this mean? What the hell is she doing?

This girl told me that she liked me and that she was interested and that we should go out sometime. So I took that as an opportunity and tried to set something up multiple times but legitimately or not, she alway had an excuse as to why she couldn't meet up. So then She tells me it's not the best time. A few weeks after that she Initiated contact with me again and she said that we should go out sometime, again! So I asked her out a few more times and she still had excuses! Plus she never tries to set anything up! Does this mean anything? Is she actually interested? How should I go about this? Any thoughts? I'm confused by her!


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  • No, she is not actually interested. She keeps stringing you along and she enjoys that. Give up


What Guys Said 1

  • she is a shy fuck and i hate getting down by such kind of fucks


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