Should I go see y crush?

my crush and I have a friendship thats is nice he will most of the time reply to my emails but he didn't reply to the last one that was in December and I didn't want to email him back because i was scared he won't reply again (he doesn't have Facebook nor cellphone) even if my friends said he may have not get it or he may have been away and nobody replies emails when they are away. I went on vacation and brought him something back but i didn't get to see him now I found out he is volunteering at a lab at our school and I want to see him and I planned to wait for him outside like in store or in near the lab and say hi and pretend is a coincidence. the only problem is that next time he will be there is on valentines day and I dont want it to seem weird I am there on valentines day and also this is might be my last chance to ask him out before the reading week and my best guy friend offer me to go on a triple date/group hang with us. should I go? should I ask him out for the reading week? or even proposed do something on valentines day?


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  • Go for it! You only live once :)

    • ill try to build the courage to do so.

    • Don't wait to long :)

    • yes ill will be there tomorrow no matter how shrill get.

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