Does he want to date me or just hook up?

There is a guy who I used to work with, he is 25 and I am 18 but we used to get along really well, flirt, and have good chemistry. He kept texting me that we should "hang out" and "kick it soon" but has never formally asked me out or suggested a plan. When I texted him suggesting we meet somewhere during the day and plan it out he did not respond back at all. He then continued to text me if we can "hangout tonight" and only seems to suggest hanging out during the afternoons but can never really put a plan together. The other night we were texting and he was telling me how he wanted to kiss me and was calling me babe and baby. He was also asking for selfies of me and telling me I was hot and how much he wanted me. This was a bit strange of him because he is usually not that flirty or sexual. At this point I am a bit confused as to what he wants from me and how he feels about me. I know for sure that he is sexually attracted to me but I don't know if he is just trying to get in my pants and thinks I am easy and naïve or if he actually wants to get to know me as a person and possible date me. This is seriously annoying me and messing with my emotions because I really like him but I feel like it is almost impossible to read him and I am not interested in just hooking up.


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  • He wants to hook up, nothing more.


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  • he just wants a hookup. only go for it if you are okay with being used or mutually using


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